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5 Best Swim Jig Trailers of 2021

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Swim Jig Trailers

When the time of year comes, and the water warms up above 50 degrees, swim jigs can be incredibly effective when fishing for bass. These subtle baits perform better when the water clarity is better and plenty of vegetation and cover around.

Many beginner anglers don’t know what type of trailers to use when fishing these baits. Swim Jig trailers are small soft plastic lures that are designed to alter your presentation in various ways.

The most important factor to consider is the type of prey your local bass are feeding on. Some people also call this “matching the hatch,” where you try to make your lure blend in with the natural crustaceans and baitfish.

6th Sense Divine – Best Clear Water Trailer

4.6 Stars | 108 Angler Reviews

6th Sense Divine swimbait swim jig trailer

The 6th Sense Divine Swimbait Trailer has a streamlined profile that’s ideal for clear water conditions. As a general rule, you’ll always want to use swimbait-style trailers when the waters are clean and the visibility is higher.

This trailer absolutely smokes bass in lakes and reverse nationwide. It gives the swim jig a “rocking” or mildly injured action that big fish can’t resist. We’ve seen the most success fishing this trailer on full-sized swim jigs.

A minnow-like profile such as the Divine Soft Plastic Swimbait should be your go-to trailer choice.

Z-Man Turbo CrawZ – Slowest Swim Jig Trailer

4.4 Stars | 80 Angler Reviews

Z-man Turbo BrawZ soft plastic swim jig trailer

When you want a slower presentation, the Z-Man Turbo CrawZ is a phenomenal option. This twin-tail style bait provides more water resistance, naturally slowing the bait down on your retrieve. The two legs also have a unique kicking action that gets smoked day-in and day-out.

Since this trailer displaces more water, the fish will have an easier time sensing and tracking down your swim jig. This effect is most significant when the water is slightly dirtier, and the fish cannot rely on their eyesight alone.

The other situation where this bait outperforms is when you’re fishing a swim jig over lily pads and submerged grasses. This trailer keeps your bait kicking high in the water column and swimming through the strike zone.

Mister Twister Curly Tail – Best Grub Trailer

4.6 Stars | 133 Angler Reviews

Mister Twister Curly Tail grub soft plastic swim jig trailer

The best finesse swim jig trailer is the Mister Twister Curly Tail Tail Grub. It’s a curly soft plastic that many refer to as an “old school” style trailer bait. When used as trailers, Grubs get a ton of strikes, which will help you fill your livewells when the fishing is slow.

You’ll want to fish your swim jig closer to the bottom with this grub attached. We love this model because the “twisting” action is lifelike and far more consistent than other grubs. The tail of this bait won’t ever go limp in the water, so you’ll always be prepared to catch them.

It’s important to realize that the Mister Twister Grub offers different actions. Instead of kicking like other trailers on this list, your swim jig will adopt a worm-style swimming effect.

Strike King Rage Swimmer – Best for Dirty Waters

4.7 Ratings | 191 Angler Reviews

Strike King Rage Swimmer swimbait swim jig trailer

One of the most popular swim jig trailers is the Strike King Rage Swimmer. This trailer creates a ton of vibration in the water and comes through the water more aggressively. With this bait, you’ll get the “rolling” benefits of a soft swimbait with even more fish-enticing thumping action.

This trailer features ridges lining the body, which displace more water and produce more aggressive strikes. Whether you’re fishing in dirtier water conditions or targeting finicky fish, the Rage Swimmer puts fish in the boat.

Strike King is one of the most well-known bass lure brands on the market, and their baits enhance the action of a swim jig.

Keitech Fat Swing Impact – Best Color Options

4.7 Stars | 518 Angler Reviews

Keitech Fat Swing Impact bass lure trailer

You’ll be shocked by the number of color options for the Keitech Fat Swing Impact. While it’s a slightly more expensive swim jig trailer, this swimbait takes “matching the hatch” to a whole new level.

Keitech uses injection-molded plastics that are infused with gains of salt. This not only keeps the fish holding on longer, but the salt gives the plastic more buoyancy. The Fat Swing Impact helps anglers achieve perfectly balanced presentations that stay in the strike zone.

This trailer also has a tapered design, making it more weedless than other options. We’ve found that fish love the texture of the rubber material and hold onto it longer. Overall, this increases your catch-ratio and gives you more time to set the hook.

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