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8 Best Rapala Lures for Bass (2021)

Rapala’s History Every serious bass angler has likely used a Rapala Lure at some point in their lives, and many use these baits every time they’re out on the water. The hard bait manufacturer Rapala…

8 Best Lipless Crankbaits of 2021

Lipless Crankbait Fishing When you want to have a natural baitfish action, there’s nothing better than a lipless crankbait. Over the years, these baits have been refined to mimic all bass species’ prey and are…

6 Best Roboworm Colors of 2021

The Roboworm Soft Plastic The Roboworm is a classic soft plastic bait that’s become a favorite among bass anglers. It’s phenomenal to use on a drop shot rig and a small shakey head. This product…