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8 Best Bass Lures of 2021

Best Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lures of 2021

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If you want to update your tackle with the latest and greatest lures to fish bass this spring 2021, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bass Tackle Lures, we give you honest information to help you have more success while you’re out on the water.

This list will be great for all you avid anglers out there and perfect for novice anglers who are just getting into the sport. If you’re new here, we do many full-length reports on the lures we recommend to you.

Check us out! What’s most important is that you all get out on the water and enjoy yourselves, but hopefully, we can help put you on to some PR (Personal Record) bass this summer.

We’ve put together a list of the bass lures that are either new in 2021 or are gaining popularity. You’ll want to be using these if you’re going after big bass this year. See our guides to the best bass fishing rods and best bass fishing reels for equipment information.

Googan Baits Bandito Bug (#8)

4.7 Stars | 860 Angler Reviews

Googan Baits Bandito Bug Rubber Bass Fishing Creature Bait Lure

The Googan Baits Bandito Bug is a unique soft plastic bait that catches a lot of fish. It’s a 4″ long scented bait with a much wider body than other popular soft plastics. There’s no perfect approach to the Bandito Bug. You can choose to flip it, skip it, tie it onto a Carolina Rig, or even drop shot it. The baits are sold as a 7-pack, making them less than $2 each, and the best variety is the Bandito Bug – Green Pumpkin Color Pattern.

*We want to note that other baits are better for drop shotting, such as the Strike King Dream Shot, or baits with a similar design*

The wide body of the Googan Bait gives this bait a “juicy” or tempting presentation, which helps when you’re going after larger bass that are more selective in what they eat. The legs also have a great kicking action, which makes this bait come alive. It currently has 4.6 stars on Amazon, with 557 customer reviews. You can find the Bandito Bug here or by clicking the button above.

Honorable Mentions

Rattlin Ned Lunker Log Trench Hawg

Googan Baits Rattlin' Ned, Lunker Log, Trench Hog Soft Plastic Bass Lures

Z-Man ChatterBaits (#7)

4.7 Stars | 1,411 Angler Reviews

Z-Man Blue and Black ChatterBait for Bass

If you’re looking for a great ChatterBait brand, Z-Man is the only way to go. The Z-man ChatterBaits are the original designs that everyone else has since copied. We’ve watched countless companies try and fail to make their designs as effective as Z-Man.

The Original Z-Man Chatterbait Carolina was specifically designed to be an effective bass tournament bait. This lure has shown its potential and will help fill your livewells and cash those tournament checks. If you’re not on a professional level but still enjoy catching bass, well… using the same lures the pros do is a good idea.

Plenty of novice anglers use the Z-Man ChatterBait as well. You can now purchase this bait on Amazon, and it’s already earned over 2̶0̶0̶ (*Updated: 800) positive customer reviews. With an average rating of 4.6-stars and 76% of customers giving this bait 5-stars, it’s clear that this is a favorite ChatterBait of anglers worldwide.

*Our report continues in our article, World’s Best Largemouth Bass Chatterbait: The Original Z-Man.

Z-Man ChatterBait Elite (2nd Generation)

4.6 Stars | 800 Angler Reviews

White Z-Man Chatterbait Elite Topwater Best Bass Fishing Bait

The Z-Man Chatterbait Elite is the revised version of their original product. The bait has a 5/0 Gamaktzu hook, a low-profile skirt jig hub, “eye-catching paint schemes,” and several other features.

The upgraded stainless steel ChatterBlade, stronger quick-clip line tie, and strengthened connection between the head and the blade are our favorite new additions to the Catterbait Elite. When deciding between the Elite and Original models, know that the Z-Man Elite has better durability.

Z-Man ChatterBait Project-Z

4.6 Stars | 104 Angler Reviews

Z-Man ChatterBait Project-Z topwater bass fishing lure

The most significant change in the Z-Man Project-Z is its upgraded head design. This new design allows the blade to move with less resistance, which results in more vibration. Overall, you should know this bait is more expensive but has an improved level of performance.

Z-Man ChatterBait Jack Hammer (Professional Grade)

4.9 Stars | 182 Angler Reviews

Z-Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer Model topwater bass fishing lure

If you’re willing to go the extra mile and spend a fair amount more, the Z-Man Chatterbait Jack Hammer is the most advanced model of this series. 3 world premiere designers worked together to make this bait the best it could possibly be. The idea was to make the best performing chatterbait possible, eliminating the need to make any future improvements.

Z-Man, Bassmaster Elite Pro Brett white, and Japanese luremaker Ever Green International collaborated on this product. The bait has a lower center of gravity, a custom hook, imported paint colors, and much more. Basically, every aspect of this bait meets or greatly exceeds the unspoken professional standards.

Is it worth the money? Some anglers think so. It really all depends on whether you frequently lose baits or not. It could either be a great investment or an expensive snag compared to the other models.

Shinefish Swimbait (#6)

4.4 Stars | 203 Angler Reviews

Shinefish Multi Joined Swimbait set of three lures

The Shinefish Multi Jointed Swimbait comes in a 3 pack variety and is a great lure for largemouth bass fishing. The swimbait is slow-sinking and has enough wait that it casts really well. The lure is composed of 8 different segments that give it great swimming action. Because it has so many parts to it, it moves a lot more realistically than a bait with 3 parts. This swimbait performs better than its competition with a really high bite-rate.

Fish seem to love how realistic this bait looks in the water. There is also a 3D stereoscopic coating on the outside, which only adds to the great detail. The bait clearly has a high build quality, and anglers around the world love it. It currently has an average of 4.7 stars on Amazon with over 250 reviews.

Truscend Swimbait (#5)

4.4 Stars | 2,418 Angler Reviews

Truscend Paddle Tail Swimbait five pieces orange color

The Truscend Paddle Tail Swimbait is a great option for you if you want to be using the most recent technology when it comes to bass fishing. The product comes in a set of 5 pieces, so you’re really getting great value out of this one. The lure is designed to imitate both baitfish and crawdads, which largemouth bass can’t resist.

The special feature of this lure is that it has a drop-down hook design. The bait has magnetic technology inside of it, which raises and lowers the hooks. This helps your hook-up ratio, and it also helps you avoid snags and tangles when you’re using it.

The hooks are high-quality and produced by Carbon Steel BKK. They have an ideal shape that consistently sets in the corner of the fish’s mouth. The bait has a subtle rolling action to it and can be retrieved either fast or slow. This swimbait is a great bulk bargain purchase, and it is a fan favorite. It currently has 4.7 stars on Amazon and has been rated by over 150 people.

Arbogast Triple Threat (#4)

4.7 Stars | 1,003 Angler Reviews

Arbogast Triple Threat Legendary three topwater lures in packaging

Sometimes, you won’t know what the largemouth will be biting on a certain day. That’s why the Arbogast Triple Threat Legendary Set is a must-have for many anglers. The kit includes 3 bass lures that all have outstanding action. You get their black jitterbug, white belly jitterbug, and hula popper, all for an amazing price.

These largemouth bass baits are all made of high-quality materials and make great sounds in the water. These lures really get big bass’s attention, and their treble hooks are great at hooking fish. If you’re looking for great jitterbugs and hula poppers, Arbogast has what you need.

Gary Yamamoto Senkos (#3)

4.7 Stars | 3,915 Angler Reviews

Gary Yamamoto Senko Worms Rubber Bass Fishing Lures

*Update: Bass Pro Shops 25% Sale

“Rubber worms are extremely effective lures for catching bass. Nothing even compares to the Gary Yamamoto Senko Worms when it comes to worms and soft plastics in general.

Sure, on some days, you may catch bigger fish on topwater lures or more fish on a jig, but there’s nothing else on the market like Senko Worms that will catch fish ‘day in and day out.’

From fishing the dog days of the summer to cool water temperatures of the winter, bass can always be caught on these things. If you’re new to fishing Senkos, you might not know which color or length to choose.”

* This is an excerpt from our recent article, 6 Best Senko Worm Colors For Bass.

Green Pumpkin Senko Worms

Green Pumpkin Senko Worm Bass Fishing Soft Plastic

*Update: Bass Pro Shops 25% Sale

If you don’t already have the Green Pumpkin Color Pattern, you’re missing out. These baits aren’t ranked #1 on our list because they’ve been around for ages, but they very well could be. Gary Yamamoto sells more of these baits than almost all other colors combined.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing clear water, dirty water, cold water temperatures, warm sunny days; this thing will get bites. There’s one lure and color that EVERY bass angler has in their tackle box, and it’s this Green Pumpkin Magic Senko Worm.”

Bomber Shad Crankbait (#2)

4.6 Stars | 288 Angler Reviews

Bomber Shad Crankbait in classic white color pattern

The Bomber Shad Crankbait is an extremely popular largemouth bass fishing lure that you might already use regularly. The crankbait is known as a go-to bait to catch fish anywhere and any time of the year.

Bomber Shads are also used in bass fishing tournaments around the globe. Some anglers will even claim this is the only crankbait they use to target largemouth bass. These crankbaits have the ideal amount of side-to-side action to give them a natural and injured swimming style. They also dive into the ideal water column for largies.

The crankbait dives 4-6 feet, right into the zone where bass will strike. The bait has #6 treble hooks to ensure hookups and weighs 3/8 oz for optimal casting. This lure has an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon and is a great value for the build quality.

Heddon Spook Baby Bass (#1)

4.7 Stars | 3,276 Angler Reviews

The Super Spook Junior made by Heddon in the Baby Bass color

The Heddon Super Spook Jr Baby Bass fishing lure is arguably one of the most outstanding largemouth lures that 2021 offers. Fishermen around the world use Heddon Spook lures. Every type of angler can succeed with this bait, as it’s recommended by many professionals and winners of fishing competitions. There are a few extremely effective Heddon Spook colors, but the baby bass pattern seems to be the best, making sense based on what bass feed on.

If you weren’t aware, bigger largemouth bass will regularly hunt down and feed on smaller bass, which is why this bait catches so many monster fish. Heddon is one of the most reputable lure manufacturers, and it’s obvious looking at their Amazon ratings.

This particular lure is rated 4.6 stars, and it is also an Amazon’s Choice Product. It’s a great price and will surely last you a lifetime of fishing. You can find the Heddon Super Spook Jr Baby Bass lure here, or you can click the button above.

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