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50 Best Bass Lures of All Time (2021)

Bass Fishing Lures – 2021 Breakdown

Our team at Bass Tackle Lures has been working hard to bring you this post. We’ve finally created the ultimate guide to the best bass lures of all time. Our 2021 bass fishing lure review considers performance, build quality, and most importantly, how many bass the baits catch.

This guide lists the best bass lures that are sure to help you fill your livewells every time. We used advice from professional anglers, product reviews, and our team’s analysis. We made sure only to include baits that catch fish anywhere around the country.

50. Zoom Brush Hog

Zoom Brush Hog Green Color

The Zoom Brush Hog is an extremely popular soft plastic bait. This bait is best fished weightless for the best action. You can Texas Rig them, fish them Carolina style, pitch them, swim them, or essentially use them in any way you’d like.

These baits resemble a combination of a lizard, a crawfish, and a worm. Zoom Brush Hogs are available on both Amazon and Bass Pro Shops.

49. Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow 0.25oz

Berkley Johnson Silver Minnow Gold Color

The Johnson Silver Minnow has been remarked as the most versatile and successful lure ever made. One of the things that makes this bait unique is its weedless design and high build quality.

This lure will catch a wide variety of fish but is especially effective against Largemouth Bass. You can troll, jig, twitch, or standard retrieve the Johnson Silver Minnow.

48. Z-MAN Finesse TRD

Z-MAN Finesse TRD Green Orange Black Color

The Z-Man Finesse TRD is perfectly designed to be fished in the Ned Rig style. This bait has a subtle, easy to master, and amazingly effective presentation.

This is one of the best finesse bass lures on the market, and Z-Man is known for its exceptional quality lures. Not only is it high quality, but it’s unique because of its salt sent that’s infused into the rubber material.

47. Roboworm Straight Tail Worm

Roboworm Straight Tail Worm Black White Colors

When the conditions get tough, the Roboworm Straight Tail Worm is a great option. Since these baits are so sensitive, you’ll get a ton of action with even the slightest movements.

Roboworm has incorporated a salt-release system that adds a smell factor to the lure. This system is also designed to release a “burst” of salt when a bass strikes, which causes fish to hold onto this worm longer.

46. Rapala Shad Rap

Rapala Shad Rap Yellow Brown Color Crankbait Bass

The Rapala Shad Rap is constructed from balsa wood, which makes this bait extremely durable. One thing’s for sure, and it’s that the Shad Rap can withstand any strike no matter the fish’s size.

Since Rapala prioritized quality, this bait also has amazing action in the water and is designed with super sharp hooks. This lure can be fished anywhere but is especially ideal for shallow waters.

45. Z-man Original Chatterbait

Z-man Original Gold Flasher Chatterbait Lure

The Z-man Original Chatterbait is just one of those lures that never fails to put fish in the boat. This chatterbait fills live-wells and is recommended by plenty of professional bass anglers.

Since this lure has a hex-shaped blade, it moves a ton of water and produces a ton of vibration. These qualities never fail to attract and catch the attention of the largest bass.

44. Heddon Zara Spook

Black Silver Heddon Zara Spook Topwater Bait

The Heddon Zara Spook is classified as a “walk the dog” style bait. Professional anglers have said that this lure can get the attention of fish from over 20 feet away.

Again, this is one of those go-to bass lures that somehow catch an absurd amount of fish. Since this is a topwater “walk the dog” lure, you can also expect some pretty aggressive strikes.

43. Fred Arbogast Hula Popper

Rainbow Color Frog Fred Arbogast Hula Popper

The Fred Arbogast Hula Popper is one of the topwater lures that any angler can catch fish with. No matter your experience level or fishing conditions, this bait tends to draw strikes.

One thing to mention with this bait is that it performs exceptionally well in smaller water bodies with plenty of cover. You should try the Hulla Popper around lily pads because it’s sure to be an exciting time!

42. Gary Yamamoto Senko Worm

Black Bag Gary Yamamoto Senko Bass Worms

The Gary Yamamoto Senko Worm is the best bass fishing lure that’s ever been created. We know this is a bold claim, but it’s honestly just the truth. Our team has already written a full guide about these baits and which color patterns perform the best.

You can find this information about Gary Yamamoto Senko Worms here. However, if we had to give you a brief description, these are the best worms ever made.

They have the ideal weight, refined color patterns, and it seems that bass in every body of water across the country devour these worms.

41. Mann’s Hardnose Jelly Worm

Purple Mann's Hardnose Jelly Worms

Mann’s Hardnose Jelly Worms are the original artificial worms. These worms date all the way back to 1957, and they’ve been trendy ever since.

It’s difficult to compare these worms to other popular brands like Gary Yamamoto, but they’ve definitely had the time to perfect their design.

It’s their original fruit flavors that made them so popular, and while it sounds strange, the fruity flavors of these baits draw a ton of strikes.

40. Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap

White Yellow Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap

The Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap is argued by many people as the most popular bass lure in existence and also the most imitated and “ripped off.”

If you believe that the best lures are the original ones that everyone copied, then this is the bass lure for you. Leading experts have even concluded that the “rattling” sound this bait gives off is almost identical to that of a school of baitfish.

There’s no wonder why after 30 years, nobody has been able to develop a rattling lure that catches as many fish as the Rat-L-Trap.

39. Rapala Original Floating Minnow

Black Silver Color Rapala Original Floating Minnow

The Rapala Original Floating Minnow can be fished in a ton of different ways. The most popular include a slow-retrieve, quick “jerking” action, and stop-and-go retrieve.

Rapala makes some exceptional baits, and if you’ve been an angler for a while, we’re 100% sure that you’ve heard of this bait.

Likely, you’ve ever fished with this one before. Given its extreme popularity, we thought this lure had to be included on this list.

38. Strike King Heavy Cover Jig

Green Strike King Heavy Cover Jig

The name gives this one away, but the Strike King Heavy Cover Jig is exceptional in heavy cover. The best place to fish this bait around heavy brush, weeds, or lily pads. With this said, this jig works anywhere, and it’s simply especially designed for heavy cover situations.

This jig best performs when tied onto heavy fluorocarbon or braided line, and cast with a heavy rod.

37. Zoom Baby Brush Hog

Green Black Zoom Baby Brush Hog

While we’ve already mentioned the Zoom Brush Hog, we thought it was best to include the Zoom Baby Brush Hog on this list as well. While these baits have the same design and you might think they’re the same lures, they have different ideal situations.

The Baby Brush Hog is a smaller profile bait and so it works extremely well in more technical situations. Think flipping under docks or skipping underneath tree branches.

This might be obvious to many of you, but if you know you’re targeting smaller fish, this smaller profile bait is what you need.

36. Strike King Tour Grade Jig

Pure White Strike King Tour Grade Bass Jig

The Strike King Tour Grade Jig is the professional jig to use. If you think you’ll be fishing around dense vegetation, this bait is a must-have.

Nothing compares to this bait’s versatility, as it’ll get to even the most difficult corners and under the densest branches.

Many anglers don’t know that the weight of this jig also improves hookup ratios. The heavier profile only makes it that much easier to get the hook through the fish’s lip.

35. Zoom Super Speed Craw

Green Zoom Super Speed Craw

The Zoom Super Speed Craw is an exceptional trailer bait to go with any jig. While this is its primary use, even if you’re not an angler that frequently jigs, you should still try this bait.

Like the Zoom Brush Hogs, this Craw can be thrown weightless and will create fantastic underwater action. The Craw has great water displacement and is infused with a salt-mixture to provide both taste and scent.

The fish hold onto this bass bait for a really long time, and it will really help increase your hook-up ratios.

34. Zoom Trick Worm

Dark Red Zoom Trick Worm Bass Soft Plastic Bait

Zoom Trick Worms are extremely effective soft plastics that come in a wide range of colors and varieties.

Our team recently published a complete guide to these baits where we reveal the best colors and how they’re best fished. You can find this post on Zoom Trick Worms here.

33. Original Rooster Tail

Blue Green Feather Original Rooster Tail

The Original Rooster Tail is the only micro spinnerbait that we include on this list. We know this is a more unorthodox way to fish for bass, but some of our readers likely fish in waters with smaller fish.

This bait would be ideal for catching river smallmouth or other smaller species of fish. The Original Rooster Tail is the only spinnerbait you’ll ever need, and other companies have only ripped it off.

32. Zoom Super Salty Tube Jig

Dark Green Zoom Super Salty Tube Jig

The Zoom Super Salty Tube Jigs have some of the best scent and flavor ever.

As stated in the name, these tube jigs are “super salty,” which significantly increases hookup ratios. This is because the bass will hold onto the bait longer, giving you more time to get a good hook set.

We recommend this bait for Smallmouth Bass.

31. Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug

Black Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug

The Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug is a classic style topwater that’s never gone out of style. This bait has both a jointed swimming action, as well as a great popping effect.

The metal blades in the front of this bait move a ton of water and attract fish from extremely long distances.

We recommend going with the model that does not have a feather tail because it will help avoid short strikes.

30. Live Target Frog

Realistic Topwater Live Target Frog

Live Target Frogs are making a big name for themselves in the 2020 Bass Fishing Industry. This is because they’re a very effective topwater frog that was designed with the angler in mind.

One of our favorite qualities is their affordable price because nobody wants to spend an unnecessary amount on their lures.

29. Strike King KVD Square Bill Crankbait

Brown Gloss Strike King KVD Square Bill Crankbait

The Strike King KVD Square Bill Crankbait has been endorsed and recommended by numerous professional anglers. Strike King isn’t sponsoring anyone, and it just goes to show how effective these baits are.

Crankbaits have come a long way over the years, and this bait shows just that. The underwater action is superb and attracts fish from long distances.

28. Rapala X-Rap Lure

White Body Red Nose Rapala X-Rap Bass Lure

The Rapala X-Rap isn’t a new release this year, but it’s still a phenomenal bait to have in 2020.

While more companies have entered the market and tried to copy this bait, we can confidently say that nobody has come close to imitating this lure.

Rapala’s X-Rap can be fished in almost any fishing situation.

27. Bull Frog Hula-Popper

Yellow Tail Bull Frog Bass Hula-Popper

The Bull Frog Hula-Popper is one of the top 3 topwater baits ever made for bass fishing. When it was released, it caught the sport by storm and helped build an appreciation for topwater fishing.

If you like to see big blowups and exciting bass strikes, then look no farther.

26. Booyah Buzzbait

Black Booyah Buzzbait Side Profile

Booyah has really mastered their design in the Booyah Buzzbait. When it comes to buzzbait, you want the noisiest, most disturbing bait you can find.

Water displacement and vibration are key, and this lure accomplishes just that. If you’ve never fished Buzzbaits before, you need to try them out.

Stay away from the companies selling cheap products that don’t actually perform like they’re supposed to.

25. Zoom Super Fluke

Dark Grey Color Zoom Super Fluke Soft Plastic Bass Lure

The Zoom Super Fluke is an extremely practical soft plastic bait that has a wide range of uses. While there are plenty of other soft plastic baits that imitate baitfish, many aren’t designed well.

It’s important that these soft plastics have a simple profile and don’t resemble anything too specific. You want something like the Super Fluke that you can fish anywhere, and it doesn’t matter what the bass are used to feeding on.

24. Strike King Red Eye Shad

Original Silver Strike King Red Eye Shad

The Strike King Red Eye Shad has become the most popular lipless crankbait on the Pro Tour. When it’s retrieved through the water, it gives off great action, and its materials are all high quality.

Inside this bait, there are free-floating rattles meant to imitate the sound of schooling and distressed baitfish. This bait is so popular because it attracts fish extremely well, and the hookup ratios are outstanding.

23. Stick-O Worm

Green Bass Pro Stick-O Worm

The Stick-O Worm is a serious competitor to the Gary Yamamoto Senko. While anglers have varying opinions, many professionals adopt this rubber worm and claim it outperforms anything they’ve ever fished.

This is a product by Bass Pro Shops, and they were able to put a lot of funding and research into this worm’s design.

22. Zoom Horny Toad

White Zoom Horny Toad Lure

The Zoom Horny Toad is made from the same rubber formula that Zoom uses in all their soft plastics, so you know it’s a great bait.

Zoom really does a good job of keeping their soft plastics simple, which means it has a wide variety of uses.

You can use this as a topwater frog or even as a trailer on a jig, which some anglers are starting to find great success with.

21. Strike King KVD Spinnerbait

White Green Double Blade Strike King KVD Spinnerbait

There are so many Spinnerbaits on the market that it’s become tough to decide which ones are best. With that said, the Strike King KVD Spinnerbait is an outstanding lure that never fails to put fish into the boat.

This bait is offered at a very reasonable price, given what you’re getting from it. If the bass are feeding aggressively, this should be a go-to spinnerbait you’re throwing.

20. Culprit Original Worm

Blue Culprit Bass Worm

There are many rubber worms on this list, and that’s because so many anglers have different worm preferences. Because of this, we wanted to include as many of the best artificial worms as possible.

The Culprit Original Worm definitely meets the criteria to be included in this article. While some anglers argue this worm doesn’t have to durability to withstand a whole day of fishing, you have to make some sacrifices to have realistic action.

19. Bass Pro Shops Tender Tube

White Bass Pro Tender Tube

The Tender Tube is another bait manufactured and designed by Bass Pro Shops. As we mentioned earlier, Bass Pro Shops is such a large company that they’re able to put a lot of money into their testing and design.

This tender tube is a “fish magnet” and is especially effective when targeting Smallmouth Bass.

18. Heddon Super Spook

Red Tip White Body Heddon Super Spook Topwater Bass Lure

The Heddon Super Spook is one of the most well known topwater baits. While it appears to have a simple design, it is really an incredible lure.

It’s hard to think of a Professional Angler who hasn’t been seen using the Heddon Super Spook. If you only take out advice on one lure from this list, this is the one to get. Bring it out on your next trip and enjoy the feeling of out fishing your friends!

17. Bandit 100 Series Crankbait

Silver Blue Yellow Bandit 100 Series Crankbait

The Bandit 100 Series Crankbait can be fished in almost every water column. All you have to do is alter your retrieval speed and rod tip height.

Since you can easily change where this bait is fished, this is a crankbait you can tie on and fish with for the entire day.

16. Rapala DT Series Crankbait

Green Orange Rapala DT Series Crankbait

The Rapala DT Series Crankbait speaks for itself with its 4.8 stars on Amazon. The “DT” in its name stands for “Dives To.”

There are plenty of deep diving crankbaits on the market, but this is one you should consider experimenting with. It has a very wide profile, making it an ideal lure to throw for hungry fish after the spawning season.

15. Rapala Husky Jerk Minnow

Gold Skinny Rapala Husky Jerk Minnow Lure

When it comes to the Rapala Husky Jerk Minnow, we definitely recommend using a “jerk” style of retrieve. Sometimes it’s best to keep your bait moving erratically to mimic an injured baitfish best.

This is a very thin lure compared to the other ones on this list, and so you really want this bait to be darting through the water to get the most attention from fish.

14. Rapala Super Shad Rap

Green Average Sized Rapala Super Shad Rap Lure

The Rapala Super Shad Rap is a “happy medium” in our eyes between a wider and thinner styled crankbait. Sometimes the baits with extreme profiles become less effective. When this happens, you need a bait that will more closely imitate what the bass are feeding on.

This is a great “backup” crankbait to have when you’re having trouble getting the fish to bite.

13. Googan Baits Bandito Bug

Orange Green Googan Baits Bandito Bug Bass Bait

Googan Baits has made a big splash in the industry recently. This company is lead by several popular YouTube Fishermen who have a great relationship with their fan base.

Something we respect about them is how much time they take to develop their baits. Googan doesn’t just rush through the design process to get their baits out as quickly as possible. This holds true when it comes to their Bandito Bug, which is probably why it’s one of Googan Bait’s most popular lures.

12. Googan Baits Krackin’ Craw 4″

Green Googan Baits Krackin' Craw Crawdad Immitation

The Krackin’ Craw by Googan Baits has many different applications. In our opinion, our favorite way to use this bait is as a trailer on an Arkie Jig Head. While you could throw this bait on a hook and let it free fall, we think jigging this bait really gives it the most realistic crayfish imitation.

11. Googan Baits Lunker Log 5″

Green Googan Baits Lunker Log Worm

The Lunker Log is Googan Bait’s attempt to compete with Gary Yamamato, and they’re world-famous Senkos.

While it’s next to impossible to make something as amazing as the Senko, Googan Baits did a darn good job. We were impressed by the great balance this worm has between durability and action.

10. Rebel Super Teeny Wee-R Lures

Set Rebel Super Teeny Wee-R Lures Bugs Small

These Rebel Super Teeny Wee-R Lures are the smallest crankbaits you’ve ever seen, and that’s a claim we can make with 100% confidence.

While it appears like a stupid and likely ineffective design at first, you’ll be surprised to learn how well it actually works. Some of the baits model bugs like crickets and beetles, which bass regularly feed on.

Unless you’re a fly fisherman, there hasn’t been a way to target this part of a bass’s diet until now. If the fish aren’t biting on you’re larger baits, try throwing these baits, and you’ll likely see your day turn around.

9. Booyah Blade Spinnerbait

Double Blade White Booyah Spinnerbait

The Booyah Blade is the second spinnerbait that we’ve decided to feature on this list. This spinnerbait features two blades, which makes it more reflective than the competition. Both of the blades are designed to have a curve reflecting even more light than your typical flashers.

The trailing strings are also the perfect length, which means you won’t get as many short strikes.

8. Cotton Cordell Big O Square Bill Crankbait

3 Pack Cotton Cordell Big O Square Bill Crankbaits

If you want a great value, get yourself the 3 Pack of the Cotton Cordell Big O Square Bill Crankbaits. This company does a great job with its paintwork. Since you’re getting three different patterns, you’ll be set to tackle almost any fishing situation.

You’ll have both lighter and darker colors, which really helps to fish in different water clarities.

7. YUM Dinger Classic Worm

Green Chartreuse YUM Dinger Classic Bass Fishing Worm

The YUM Dinger Classic Worm has 4.9 Stars on Amazon, which shows it’s effectiveness. In all honesty, we don’t see it as an incredibly unique artificial worm, but it has other things going for it.

This bait is a great bargain and can be purchased in bulk on Amazon. Many anglers believe it’s nearly identical to Senkos, and while we wouldn’t go that far, they clearly catch a lot of fish.

6. Norman Deep Diving Crankbait

High Quality Green Norman Deep Diving Crankbait

If you’re willing to pay a premium price for a high-quality crankbait, Norman Deep Diving Crankbaits are something you need to experience. These baits have the perfect size profile, they have a super long bill, and their colors are phenomenal.

You don’t see too many companies infuse flake into their paintwork, which makes these stand out. This addition will give you an element of light reflection as well as swimming action.

5. Tailored Tackle Wacky Worm

Black Blue Flecks Tailored Tackle Wacky Worm

We thought we would include as many artificial worms as possible on this list to make the right decision for yourself. The Tailored Tackle Wacky Worm worm has a larger ring around it, which helps the durability.

You don’t need thickness in all parts of a worm, but it will prevent your hook from tearing out of the worm since it’s placed in this area.

4. Booyah Boo Jig

Black Blue Booyah Boo Jig

The Booyah Boo Jig is the most popular jig on the market this year. We don’t think there’s a need to discuss this bait too much because it’s likely you’re already aware of this product. One thing we do want to mention is that their black and red jig has seen incredible results.

The addition of the red in this black jig helps it to resemble a crayfish slightly.

3. Heddon Pop’N Topwater Fishing Lure

Yellow Green Feather Tail Heddon Pop'N Topwater Fishing Lure

The Heddon Pop’N Topwater Fishing Lure is a smaller profiled topwater bait. This is a great popper option if you don’t want something as long as the Hula Popper.

We recommend the Bass Color of this popper, as it’s been hammering fish this year. If you didn’t already know, bass will frequently feed on younger bass, which is why these colors work so well.

2. Booyah Pad Crasher Frog

White Spotted Booyah Pad Crasher Bass Frog Lure

The Booyah Pad Crasher Frog is a hollow body topwater bass lure. This means that when a fish strikes, the body will collapse and expose the hooks placed on the side. The benefit of doing this is you’ll have a perfectly weedless topwater frog.

You can literally drag this thing through the thickest weeds, and you won’t have to worry about getting snagged.

1. Googan Baits Rattlin’ Ned

Two Black Googan Baits Rattlin' Ned Lures

The Googan Baits Rattlin’ Ned is the best Ned Rig worm on the market in 2020. Googan Baits did a great job considering the finesse approach with this bait.

This bait’s innovative rattling feature really sets it apart from the competition. You’ll get the natural finesse approach combined with a good amount of vibrations and noise created by the rattler.

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