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10 Best ChatterBait Trailers of 2021

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ChatterBait Trailers

Since the chatterbait can be fished in many different ways, there is also a wide variety of trailers you can use. Trailers have a huge effect on the action of your chatterbait. You can change a chatterbaits look, presentation size, action, and performance altogether by changing your trailer.

Trailers can give you’re chatterbait a wild and erratic action for warm water fishing or tighten the swimming motion for colder climates. They can mimic a wounded baitfish’s action or imitate a crawdad with its claws in the air.

The diversity of chatterbait trailers leaves many anglers confused about which styles and brands best fit their needs. This guide will walk you through the top 10 trailers professional anglers rely on to fill up their live wells.

Strike King KVD Blade Minnow

4.5 Stars | 81 Angler Reviews

Strike King KVD Blade Minnow soft plastic swimbait ChatterBait trailer

The Strike King Blade Minnow is the best shad-style crankbait trailer for clear waters. Its forked tail gives the bait a tight action and an almost injured appearance. When used as a trailer, the chatterbait itself has to do most of the work providing the movement and vibration, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

This effect gives the Blade Minnow the most natural presentation style you can get. While this bait was specifically designed to be used on the Strike King Rage Blade, you can pair it with any chatterbait.

Strike King KVD’s Blade Minnow is a medium-sized trailer that isn’t too bulky but still has enough volume to get the attention of bigger fish.

Gary Yamamoto Zako Trailer

4.6 Stars | 500+ Angler Reviews

Gary Yamamoto Zako swimbait style ChatterBait trailer

The Gary Yamamoto Zako trailer also has a forked tail and a segmented body. The trailer has a thicker tail, which allows it to displace a lot more water. It’s also a bulkier shad-style trailer than what most anglers are used to.

The girth this trailer adds makes it much easier to skip your buzzbaits. Its heavier weight will also keep your bait swimming deeper in the water column. While the tight action of the Yamamoto Zako was designed specifically for vibrating jigs, this bait works well on all larger buzzbaits.

Razor Shadz ChatterBait Trailer

4.5 Stars | <50 Angler Reviews

Razor Shadz green and blue Chatterbait Trailer

The Z-Man Razor Shadz also has a forked tail and segmented body, but it’s the only shad style trailer on this list made from elastic. The elastic material will make a trailer much looser and help give your chatterbait a wider tail action.

In general, this is a good trailer to add size to your presentation and makes your chatterbait better at skipping.

Strike King Caffeine Shad

4.6 Stars | 69 Angler Reviews

Strike King Caffeine Shad dark swimbait trailer for ChatterBaits

The Strike King Caffeine Shad has gained popularity as more and more anglers learn how effective it is. It’s a longer trailer at 5 inches long and has a fluke-style design. This bait is also classified as a soft jerkbait and has a straight, single-piece tail.

This bait requires a modification to make it perform the best. We recommend cutting off the first 1/2 inch of this trailer to avoid short-strikes since it has such a long design. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll see the best results if you pair the Caffeine Shad with a longer skirt.

Strike King Rage Swimmer

4.6 Stars | 735 Angler Reviews

Strike King Rage Swimmer ridged green pumpkin swimbait trailer

The Strike King Rage Swimmer is the first Minnow Style Paddle Tail on this list. The best way to rig this bait is upside down, so the paddle tail faces the surface. If you prefer to keep your trailers upright, another thing you can do is fork the tail yourself by cutting it down the middle.

If you don’t modify this bait at all, there’s a good chance that the turbulence caused by the chatterbait will limit your performance. The thumping action of paddle tail style trailers is reduced in turbulent waters without these necessary modifications.

All things aside, the Strike King Rage Swimmer is one of the most popular trailers for a reason, and it’s because it catches huge bass.

Diezel MinnowZ ChatterBait Trailer

4.7 Stars | 264 Angler Reviews

Diezel MinnowZ green pumpkin soft plastic trailer for ChatterBaits

The Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ is a less popular but extremely effective trailer. This swimbait has a tapered design that Z-Man designed to match with the Jack Hammer Chatterbait.

This Minnow Style Paddle Tail Trailer is made out of elastic, which gives it more mobility. You’ll see the best performance from the Diezel MinnowZ in warmer waters or when bass are biting with reaction strikes.

Yamamoto Swimsenko Trailer

4.6 Stars | 329 Angler Reviews

Gary Yamamoto Swimsenko skinny swimbait ChatterBait trailer

There are many different Yamamoto Swimsenkos, but the 4″ model is the best to use as a chatterbait trailer. If you choose a larger size, you’ll likely want to trim down the front to avoid short strikes. This bait is offered in the same Original Senko Worm colors, which have proven extremely effective.

This trailer’s action is much wider than any other bait on this list, which means it does a great job getting larger fish’s attention. You’ll have the best luck fishing this trailer around aggressive fish or by triggering reaction strikes in shallow waters.

Keitech Easy Shiner Trailer

4.7 Stars | <50 Angler Reviews

Keitech Easy Shiner light green trailer for ChatterBaits

The Keitech Easy Shiner naturally has a much tighter action then other Keitech swimbaits. Tighter action is better for colder waters or when bass aren’t fully committing to strikes.

The Easy Shiner is designed for one-time use. Taking it off, the ChatterBait keeper will frequently rip the nose, but this isn’t a huge deal for most anglers. It’s a much better tradeoff than having your trailers repeatedly fall off while you’re fishing them.

Strike King Rage Menace Grub

4.7 Stars | 389 Angler Reviews

Strike King Rage Menace Grub style dark blue trailer

This Strike King Rage Menace Grub has a narrower profile and a tighter kicking action than other crawdad trailers. The bait still has flange-style claws to give you the best thumping and swimming action possible. What makes the Rage Menace Grub so versatile is that it can be rigged in two different ways.

Rigging it vertically will give you a completely different action than horizontally. A vertical presentation with the claws facing forward will best mimic the appearance of a wounded baitfish. If you’re going for a crawfish imitation, you’ll get the best results rigging this bait horizontally with the claws facing up.

Z-Man Turbo Crawz Trailer

4.4 Stars | 83 Angler Reviews

Z-Man Turbo Crawz crawfish ChatterBait trailer soft plastics

The second crawdad-style trailer on this list is the Z-Man Turbo Crawz. As this is a bulkier craw trailer, it’ll give your bait a larger presentation. The Turbo Crawz has thinner appendages that allow for more flapping action in the water.

This erratic action makes the Z-Man Turbo Crawz the ideal trailer to throw on a swim jig in warmer water conditions. As we know, fish are more aggressive in warmer waters and respond better to this trailer than lethargic fish.

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