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6 Best Buzzbait Colors of 2021

Buzzbait Color Guide When considering Buzzbait colors, there are multiple important factors. You need to understand the brands, sizes, and patterns offered. In this guide, we discuss the best Buzzbait colors and the lure manufacturers…

6 Best Roboworm Colors of 2021

The Roboworm Soft Plastic The Roboworm is a classic soft plastic bait that’s become a favorite among bass anglers. It’s phenomenal to use on a drop shot rig and a small shakey head. This product…

6 Best Whopper Plopper Colors of 2021

River2Sea Whopper Plopper Lures When River2Sea released their Whopper Plopper topwater lures it was obvious that they would become super popular. While originally designed for bigger fish species, muskie anglers found out they were exceptional…

8 Best Rat-L-Trap Colors of 2021

Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap When you’re going after big pre-spawn fish in the early spring, there’s nothing better than a lipless crankbait. These lures will catch fish all around the country, but if you live in…