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Bass Lure Color Guides


6 Best Yum Dinger Colors of 2021

The Yum Dinger Rubber Worm Soft plastic stick baits are a staple among bass anglers. They catch fish year-round and frequently out-fish all other bass lures. Many brands are now making stick baits, but they’re…

8 Best Jig Colors & Brands of 2021

Bass Fishing Jig Colors There’s a common misconception among anglers that selecting Jig colors is complicated. It’s been proven countless times that this is not the case. Many professional bass anglers have advised keeping jig…

The 8 Best ChatterBait Colors of 2021

ChatterBaits Anglers around the world enjoy fishing ChatterBaits because of their unique character and exciting style. It sure is a rush to watch a monster bass slam the buzzing ChatterBait that you’re ripping along the…