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5 Best Swim Jig Trailers of 2021

Swim Jig Trailers When the time of year comes, and the water warms up above 50 degrees, swim jigs can be incredibly effective when fishing for bass. These subtle baits perform better when the water…

7 Best Spinnerbait Trailers of 2021

Spinnerbait Trailer Reviews Spinnerbait trailers are soft plastic baits that typically have baitfish or grub profiles. They can help you catch larger bass and will make it easier to cover bodies of water. In this…

10 Best Creature Baits for Bass (2021)

Creature Baits for Bass Creature baits are one of the most otherworldly looking bass fishing baits. They’re designed to imitate bugs, crayfish, minnows, and worms all in one but can sometimes don’t look like any…