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10 Best ChatterBait Trailers of 2021

ChatterBait Trailers Since the chatterbait can be fished in many different ways, there is also a wide variety of trailers you can use. Trailers have a huge effect on the action of your chatterbait. You…

5 Best Googan Baits of 2021

Googan Bait Bass Lures The new lure manufacturer, Googan Baits, has been making a lot of noise in the bass fishing industry recently. In this article, we’ll be walking you through the best Googan Baits…

7 Best Rubber Worms for Bass (2021)

Rubber Bass Worms Many anglers prefer to use a single lure for year-round fishing. If this sounds like you, Rubber or Plastic worms are your best bet. They are the most popular and frequently used…

8 Best Bass Lures of 2021

About Our Lure Reviews If you want to update your tackle with the latest and greatest lures to fish bass this spring 2021, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bass Tackle Lures, we…