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Technique-Specific Bass Fishing Rods


7 Best Shaky Head Rods of 2021

Fishing Rods for Shaky Head Rigs During the late spring and summer months, fishing a Shaky Head rig becomes a highly effective method for catching bass. However, since these baits come in various shapes and…

6 Best Ned Rig Rods of 2021

Fishing Rods for Ned Rigs If you know how to use a Ned Rig, they can be one of the most productive presentations when the fishing’s slow. While they may not be the go-to choice…

5 Best Texas Rig Rods of 2021

Bass Fishing Rods for Texas Rigs More money has been won on Texas Rigs than any other setups in the history of bass fishing. This is because this style is extremely versatile and is the…

6 Best Swimbait Rods of 2021

Fishing Rods for Swimbaits Most serious anglers that frequently fish swimbaits will invest in specialized equipment. Owning one of the best swimbait rods helps you get the most out of your lures and the power…