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10 Best Largemouth Bass Lures of 2021

Fishing Lures for Largemouth Bass Every angler wishes they could have one magical lure that never fails to catch fish, but this wouldn’t be realistic. In this guide, we discuss the best largemouth bass lures…

10 Best Smallmouth Bass Lures of 2021

Smallmouth Bass Lures Smallmouth bass and largemouth bass both feed on baitfish and crustaceans, but since they live in different habitats, it’s essential to know how to correctly fish for each species. We discuss the…

5 Best Striped Bass Lures of 2021

Striped Bass Fishing Lures If you’re an avid striped bass fisherman who hadn’t done their research before the moment you stumbled across this blog, then buckle up. Striped bass fishing is an art form where…